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We’re Not Candy PSA

January 6, 2010

Murky Memories: I’m nearly 40. And I know this song by heart.

Hey, what are we doing out of the bottle?
This is dangerous.
A little kid might come along and think we were candy,
And that would be awful because we’re medicine.
He might even eat us!

This is serious.
We could make you delirious.
You should have a healthy fear of us.
Too much of us is dangerous.

Verse 2:
Doctors tell the pharmacy
Types of pills that you will need,
And he knows the harm that we can be
If we’re not taken carefully.

We’re not candy (believe us),
Even though we look so fine and dandy.
When you’re sick we come in handy,
But we’re not candy.
Ohhhh no.

There’s a timeless truth to what these pills have to say… it’s a shame they’re not on TV anymore.

-Scott Copperman-