August 22, 2010

Entry at Wikipedia: Chili’s
Chili’s Main Site: “About Us”

Murky Memories: My first trip to Chilis was in 1983. I was living in Englewood, CO at the time. Chili’s was this awesome place that had dozens of different types of hamburgers, and not much else. There was the Chili’s Trip, the Oldtimer (with or without cheese), more than 20 others. The Englewood location was one of only a handful, and it was a special place to go.

You can see in the Wikipedia entry that the founder of Chili’s sold the brand and his 20 or so locations (primarily in the southwest) at around that time. And while Chili’s has become a thriving restaurant chain, it’s not the Chili’s I knew and loved. It’s okay… but it’s not the same.

The same thing happened to “T.G.I. Fridays”… two years earlier, I had first eaten at a Friday’s restaurant in San Diego, CA. Potato Skins were a speciality, and all different varieties were offered (Pork n Beans, Parmigiana, the traditional we all know now with cheese and bacon)… but I digress.

I miss the old Chili’s, and I tell anyone I go there with about how it was… “back in the day.”

-Scott Copperman-